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    Answers to frequently asked questions


    Selling or pawning your items

    What services does Lombard24 offer?
    We offer: Loans secured by your belongings; Buying goods at a bargain price.
    What items are accepted at Lombard24?
    We give money on the security of the following items: Cell phones; Laptops, desktops and tablets; Photographic equipment; Gold and silver; TV, video and audio equipment; Sports goods; Construction tools; Musical instruments; Watches; Cars; Bicycles with purchase receipt; Electric scooters. We don't accept clothing, jewellery, art, refrigerators, washing machines, or products with technical problems.
    What are the interest rates?
    We offer the lowest interest rates on the market: 7 days — 4% 14 days — 8% 30 days — 10%. You can calculate a more accurate amount using the calculator on the main page. The minimum amount of interest is 3.5€. For example, if you borrow 50€ for a week, then after one week, you’ll need to repay 52€, but since the minimum amount of interest is 3.5€, you’ll have to pay 53.50€.
    How to receive the money?
    For your convenience, we offer three options: Fill out an application through our website; Contact us by phone; Come to one of our offices. You will receive the money immediately in cash or in your bank account.
    How quickly can I receive money?
    It highly depends on which method of valuation of the goods you choose: Online: the application review takes up to 12 hours. After that, our employee will give an assessment, but you will receive money only when you bring your goods to one of our offices; By phone: you’ll receive an estimate by phone immediately, but we'll pay the money only when you bring your items to one of our offices; On the spot: you will receive an assessment instantly, after which you will immediately receive the promised amount.
    What’s the legal age for pawning and selling items to a pawnshop?
    Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to pawn and sell things to a pawnshop. Age restrictions don't apply to the purchase of goods.
    Is there a fee for signing or losing the contract?
    We don't take any fee for signing or losing the contract. If the contract term expires and you don't redeem your deposit, we don't charge you any fee.
    What should I do if I have lost the contract?
    When you sign an agreement in our pawnshop, we give you a printout with your contact details, loan amount, loan period and other information. If you happen to lose this paper — don’t worry! There is no penalty for losing the contract; all information is stored in our database. Therefore, when you come to redeem your item or renew the contract, it will be enough for us to see your valid driver's license, ID card or passport.
    What documents are required for pawning an item?
    Valid driver's license, ID card or passport.
    How much money can I get for my item?
    The amount depends on several factors: Market value; Item’s condition; Item’s relevance. The more valuable the item, the more money we'll offer for it. We look at prices on such resources as Hinnavaatlus, Hind.ee, Okidoki, Ebay and check the price of a new product. For example, if you want to pawn or sell a used camera that costs 500€ in the store and a used one costs 350€, then we'll offer about 250-300€. We can offer a higher amount if an item is clean, in the original packaging, and includes a charger, purchase receipt, and any other accessories. We don't accept broken or damaged items.
    Does my credit history matter?
    No, we’re not interested in your credit history and relationships with other credit institutions. We won’t start verifying this information or require any bank statements.
    Will pawn shop transactions affect my credit history?
    No, we don't share transaction information or your personal information with banks or other credit institutions.

    Extending your contract

    What is an extension of the contract, and how can I do it?
    It's necessary to renew the contract if you don’t have money to repay the loan by the time it expires and don't want to lose your item. You can extend the contract through your personal account or in any of our offices. To renew the contract, you’ll need to pay interest. For example, if you took 100 € for 2 weeks, then after 2 weeks, you’ll need to pay 8 €. After that, you can choose a new contract period — a week, two weeks or a month. You can pay this interest through your personal account, to our bank account, or in any of our offices by card or in cash. You can renew the contract an infinite number of times, but you’ll have to pay interest each time.
    What should I do if I don't want to lose my item but don't have money to renew the contract or buy it out?
    If the contract expires, and you don’t have funds to redeem your item, contact us by phone or e-mail and let us know that you can’t pay us back on time. We treat such situations with understanding and can dalay your payment.

    Redeeming items and ending the contract

    How can I redeem my item?
    You can pick up your deposit at the same representative office where you signed the contract. Be sure to bring your ID (valid driver's license, ID card or passport) with you — before giving back your deposit, our specialist will need to confirm your identity.
    Can I ask another person to collect my deposit?
    If you don't have the opportunity to come after your deposit yourself, you can issue a letter of attorney for another person. This can be done on the spot, or you can create it in digital format and sign it digitally. Without the signed letter of attorney, our specialists won’t be able to give your deposit to another person.
    Is it possible to terminate the contract ahead of time?
    Yes, the contract can be terminated sooner. You can conveniently and quickly do this in your personal account. To do this, select the contract you want to close and follow the instructions. You can also make payment to our bank account: IBAN: EE591010220109575015 Name: Hea Valik OÜ Important! Include the contract number in the payment description field. You can find the contract number in your personal account. You can also redeem your goods on the spot. Please note that for card payments, there’s going to be a 1% redemption value added to the amount. This is the banking fee they charge for transactions that are done through the terminal. Therefore, paying in cash, to our bank account or through a personal account is always cheaper.
    Will the interest amount decrease if I repay the loan amount sooner?
    If you can close the contract earlier, the interest amount will still stay the same. For example, if you pawned an item for a month but are ready to redeem your deposit in a week, this won’t decrease the payment amount.
    What happens if the contract has expired?
    If your contract has expired, we reserve the right to put your item for sale after 6 days of waiting. This way, the sale of your product will cover the amount you borrowed from us, and your debt will be paid off. If you decided not to redeem your item or don’t have money to repay us, this won’t affect our relationship with you — we’ll be glad to see you again! If you don’t want your item to be put up for sale but you don’t have money to redeem it, you can quickly and conveniently renew your contract in your personal account or in one of our representative offices. We don’t do contract extensions via phone. However, please call us in advance to inform us about the payment delay. After the contract has expired, your item will stay in our warehouse for 6 days, and you’ll be charged for its storage. For more detailed information, please get in touch with us.
    Is it possible to pay the loan in installments?
    We offer an installment option for loan repayment. For example, if you took 1000€ for 30 days, that's at a 10% interest rate, and in one month, you’ll have to pay us back 1100€. At the end of the month, you can return 100€ for interest plus repay half of the borrowed amount, which is 500€. Then we’ll create a new contract for you for the amount of 500€.

    Buying items

    How can I buy items from Lombard24?
    How can I buy items from Lombard24? The product can be purchased in two ways: Make a purchase and pay for the item(s) through our website and pick up your order at our office; Make a purchase on the spot. Please note that each item is located in a specific pawnshop. This means that you can only buy it there. To make sure no one buys your desired item before you, please call us and reserve it. Reservation is valid for 24 hours.
    What should I do if the purchased item has a technical problem?
    We check all the items that we put up for sale. Before buying, we allow you to carefully check it on the spot. If, after 24 hours, you discover a technical problem or the item doesn’t match the description, we'll refund the full amount. Later complaints won’t be considered. Batteries are not covered by the warranty.
    Does Lombard24 carry stolen goods?
    For our part, we do our best to minimize the number of stolen items. The police regularly conduct searches in pawnshops, so there’s less than one percent of stolen goods. If you’re thinking about selling an item to a pawnshop, think about its origin. If you suspect that it may be stolen, it's better not to resell it further.
    Where do the items that you sell in Lombard24 come from?
    All items that we sell come from our customers — they either sell them to us or don’t redeem them on time. If the client doesn’t redeem their item on time, we reserve the right to put it up for sale.

    Security and privacy

    Is my data safe on the devices I pawn?
    Yes, the data on your devices is safe. When you pawn your item, we carefully pack it and take it to the warehouse. There, the item will wait to be redeemed, and no one will use it. If you don’t redeem your product on time, we reserve the right to sell it. Before doing this, we'll delete all data from the device and do a factory reset. If you want to sell us a device with some personal data stored, we advise you to transfer it to another device in advance. After removing data from the device you want to sell, reset the settings.
    Will anyone use my items while they're pawned?
    No, no one will use your items. They’ll be stored in a dry, secure place with video surveillance and an alarm. When you pawn an item, we pack it in a bag and seal it. When you return to collect your deposit, a member of staff will unpack the package in front of you. If you wish, you can put a signature on the package to ensure no one will open it.


    Where can I send a cooperation proposal?
    Please send all applications for cooperation to our email: admin@lombard24.ee. All emails will be answered within 5 business days.