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7 calendar days loan interest is 5%
14 calendar days loan interest is 8%
30 calendar days loan interest is 10%

How does the pawnshop work?

1) We give money against pledges (pawns).
2) We buy your property items at a prompt price.
3) We accept items for commission sale.

• Cell phones
• Laptops and desktops
• Tablets
• Photo equipment
• Gold and silver
• TV-, video- and audio equipment
• Sports goods
• Construction tools
• Musical instruments
• Watches
• Cars

• Fill in the application
• Call us on the phone
• In our office

Driving license, ID-card or passport.

The amount is determined depending on the market value, condition, and the degree of popularity of your property item to date. The more valuable the pawn is, the greater the amount of the loan you will receive.

Contract extension

No. Your relationship with other lending institutions does not interest us.

SWEDBANK EE752200221048449910
SEB EE591010220109575015
(Please, indicate the contract number in the explanatory note field.)

Contract termination

You can get back your pawn at the pawnbroker’s office where you had closed the transaction: Maneezi 1 or Kari 1. Identity card is required.

Yes, of course, you can, most important for us is the convenience for our customers.

If the term of your contract is expired, shall have the right to expose an item for sale.

Purchase of goods

You can buy items at the offices at the folowing addresses: Maneezi 1 and Kari 1.

Before buying a product, you can thoroughly check it. If an item has a technical problem or it does not correspond to other previously described qualities, then we will refund your money. Further complaints are considered no later than 24 hours from the date of purchase.

General issues

Yes, all contracts and other information received from the client are confidential. The information provided by you will not be transferred to banks, leasing companies and other third parties, except for cases provided for by law.

Nobody is insured against it. However, less than one percent of goods are stolen. Lombard24 is doing everything possible to protect itself against stolen goods and is working in close cooperation with the police.