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We are here to help you pawn, sell or buy a range of items at great prices! is a credit institution that gives out loans secured by collateral. You will not need to submit an income statement to get a loan, you will not have any obligations if you choose not to pay back the loan, and we do not pass on information to banks or collection agencies. Unlike other pawn shops, we will offer a high price on your item.

Get valuation of collateral

1. Fill in a loan application
2. Contact us by phone
3. Come visit us
Receipt of money

You can pawn your item and get your money at one our shops or using a courier
Returning your item or renewing your loan

When the loan period ends, repay the amount of your loan and your item will be returned. You can renew your loan for an unlimited number of times, paying % of the amount of your loan.



What kind of items do we accept?

We accept almost all kinds of items that have a market value, for example:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Photo equipment
  • Items of gold and silver
  • TV, video and audio equipment
  • Sports gear
  • Construction equipment
  • Music equipment
  • Clocks and watches;
  • Cars


Useful tips:
  • Pawn multiple items at a time to increase your loan money.
  • You will get more money for your item if you add the original packaging and accessories (e.g. a laptop in original packaging, plus the receipt and charger).
  • To increase the amount of your loan, clean your item and make sure that it is fully functioning.



Why choose


  • Items are highly priced;
  • Your item will be taken good care of;
  • Very good conditions for loyal customers;
  • Personal approach for every customer;
  • Full confidentiality guaranteed;
  • does not work with collection agencies.

The advantages of buying items from

  • Items have very low prices;
  • Courier delivery available;
  • guarantees that all the items are functioning;
  • guarantees that the items have the described properties;
  • does not handle stolen goods.



Period Our interest rate (%) Example
7 calendar days 5% Borrow 100 euros and pay back 105 euros
30 calendar days 10% Borrow 100 euros and pay back 110 euros


Courier delivery:

  1. Delivery within Tallinn – €10



Conditions of loan renewal


You can renew your loan and pay only the interest on your loan (min 3.50 euros). We at aim to offer you a secure and flexible instant loan.

Loan Renewal(30 days)
Renewal(60 days)
Renewal(90 days)
Repayment(120 days)
€100 €10 €10 €10 €110


Loan conditions


Our pawn shop gives out loans to adults only (at least 18 years old) and requires the presentation of an identity document. We accept the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Identity document (ID card or residence permit)
  • Driving licence